Tattoo Tuesday: Hidden in Corporate America

It has been nearly a month since my first post about Tattoo Tuesday, but finals are finally over and I can (hopefully) start making this a more regular post.

One of the reasons I still don’t have a tattoo, though I’ve wanted one for more than five years, is because of the stigma with tattoos in corporate America. I’ve worked in banking through most of my college career and there is a good chance I’ll stay in the same corporate environment for a while. I have career expectations and tattoos seemed to get in the way of getting paid.

Beautiful design, but imagine going to a professional black tie event with a backless or strapless dress and this.
Pretty, intricate design…but forget wearing anything but long sleeves if you work in corporate America.

It seems like people’s obsession with tattoos in pop culture and sports has transferred over into an increasingly accepted part of American culture. Even though some industries, such as banking, health care, law and accounting, are still conservative and highly value a clean and professional image, more people are getting tatted up.

Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls guard and 2010-11 NBA MVP, has a tattoo of the Chicago skyline with basketball in the background and the words “Sweet Home Chicago.”
Chris Andersen, Denver Nuggets forward/center, is known as “The Birdman” and one of his many, many tattoos are bird wings under his arms.
Angelina Jolie’s many tattoos.

Polish artist Paul Marcinkowski created this interesting “tattooed” infographic about tattoos (I love infographics).

Interesting to note: 45 million Americans have tattoos (according to a report by the FDA) and only 24 percent have no tattoos.

That means, hidden or otherwise, anyone could be sporting a tattoo, from school teachers to bank managers. Society is changing its opinion, like with women wearing pants instead of skirts or men wearing earrings, and now the key seems to be being discreet with the body adornments you have. According to Forbes and, visible tattoos follow piercings and bad breathe in the category of deal-breaking physical attributes for HR managers.

Seventy percent of people with tattoos cover their body art at work and interviews, according to a 2010 Pew Research Center report.

Knowing all this just encourages me even more to get a tattoo!

I want the following tattoo of rose outlines with the placement shown in the picture or on my left shoulder blade. Different words.

I want this infinite/life tattoo either somewhere on the side of my rib cage (OUCH) or my inner arm


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