Tattoo Tuesday: Hands in Arms

So, this much overdue Tattoo Tuesday post is focusing on some interesting hand and arm tattoos I’ve found. These are just single tattoos, sleeves are for another post. 🙂

Music has been a part of my life since I began playing the violin in the second grade. I’m certainly not the only who cares strongly about the important presence of music in my life, and I enjoy seeing other people’s decisions to represent it through some very permanent ink. But that’s another topic for a different post.

Treble and bass clefs.

The next few tattoos are a lot more feminine, but I still liked them because of the design, script/font, placement and symbolism.

“All good things are wild and free,” Henry David Thoreau said.

I’m guilty of being a sappy romantic at times, and this tattoo fits with this. I would love a tiny heart tattoo on my ring finger, though it may seem crazy to some others.

The words in this next one are a little to cheesy for me, but the script is nice.

Forever and ever, an interesting take on the infinity symbol.

I like the idea behind this next atlas tattoo, especially with possibly adding a dot for the places in the world you’ve visited, but I would rather have this on the inner forearm or the ribs.

I really like great, intricate artwork in tattoos and this next one fits the bill.

I really like forearm tattoos, especially when the typography is clean and simple.

Nuda Veritas, “Naked Truth.”

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