DIY Mini Polaroid Magnets

Happy Friday again everyone. This is another example of why I love the Internet and Pinterest: mini Polaroid magnets. I already love Polaroids and the idea of being able to hang these from a fridge meant I was instantly dying to try it out. The magnets in this tutorial were part of a goodbye present for one of my best friends. They turned out so well that I already have a few more sets planned out for birthdays.

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This easy DIY tutorial originally came from Jenn (thanks!) over at Ambrosia Girl.

Supplies that you’ll need:
Heavy card stock paper (in the scrapbook section of craft stores)
Craft/Exacto knife
Metal ruler
Glue stick
Clear packing tape
Adhesive Back Magnet Tape (I recommend tape that is 1″ wide since the frames are the same size)

Step 1:
Download a Photoshop file of the Polaroid frames (Jenn’s template downloads are at the bottom of this post).

Within Photoshop, drop in your photographs in the designated folder, behind the Polaroid frame layer. Scale down your photos to fit within the tiny frames.
If you need help with the Photoshop part, Britta from the Handmade House has posted a tutorial on how to get your pictures in the template.

Step 2:
Print out photos onto photo paper. I ordered online a 4×6 print of the 10 frame page for only $0.21 (including tax) at Walgreens.

Step 3:
I folded a piece of card stock paper in half and glued it together to make the backing for my Polaroids more sturdy. I then used the glue stick on one side of halved paper and the entire backside of the 4×6 photo print. After mounting the photo to the card stock, make sure to rub out all air bubbles.

Step 4:
Trim out photos with a craft knife. I recommend starting with a fresh blade and using the metal ruler as a guide for your knife. I always have more success doing multiple, shallow cuts until everything is cut through.

Step 5: (optional)
Cover each photo tile with clear packing tape to protect the photos (or essentially laminate them). I suggest doing this one at a time to make sure you get all the air bubbles from the face of the photo.

Step 6:
Unroll the magnet, remove the backing and arrange the Polaroid tiles facing up on the adhesive. Make sure to leave just enough room to cut between the tiles, then cut out each magnet off the roll. Trim up the edges as necessary.

Step 7:
Let magnets flatten for a few hours or overnight beneath a pile of books or other heavy object. Then your magnets are ready for your fridge!

Single Polaroid frame to use for your analog-photo desires:

Click on the image below for a PSD file (you must have Photoshop on your computer to open and edit this file!) that has 10 1″ tall (roughly) Polaroid frames laid out. The Polaroid frames are on one layer with a second layer below that for your own photographs. Drop in your photos (File>Place…>select photo) and scale them down.

The dimensions of the finished piece is 4″x6″ which will enable you to get it printed at a photo lab like Walgreens or CVS.


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