The road to Austin is paved by my ACL playlist…

My boyfriend and I are en route to our state capital for the annual Austin City Limits Festival for three sun-soaked (hopefully) days of constant music and late nights in one of my favorite cities. This will be my fifth ACL, my boyfriend’s second, and we have been anxiously awaiting this mini-vacation.

This Spotify playlist is keep us entertained during the drive; it’s a collection of songs from some of the bands I’m looking forward to seeing.

Any of my friends can tell you that I’m a music festival junkie, and it’s true. Aside from ACL, I’ve been to Austin’s Reggae (Marley) Fest and plan on trying out Coachella many times and Bonnaroo at least once; I have no problem with camping out at a concert, but I’m not a fan of sulfur showers.

My favorite type of concert is one that is outdoors, especially at night when it finally cools down in Texas. I love being surrounded by music and having the choice to camp out in one spot to enjoy or wander with it in the background. And with ACL, there are so many bands to hear live since there is music played constantly from morning till night.

Since the food truck business has really picked up in the last few years, there is so much delicious food to try. My only grievance is that festival alcohol and water is just as expensive as at any other concert, but there are always ways around that problem (hooray for backpacks and mini bottles).

I also love seeing all the different people that come together for this 3-day event, and there are always lots of entertaining people who help “Keep Austin Weird.”

Sadly, I couldn’t find my pictures from 2007 to complete the collection, but in anticipation for this great weekend, I put together a collection of pictures from past ACLs.

Austin City Limits 2008
Austin skyline at ACL 2008
Austin City Limits 2009
Flogging Molly in the freezing, pouring rain at ACL 2009
Ghostland Observatory at ACL 2009
ACL 2009, the year rain turned Zilker Park into a huge mud pit.
Austin City Limits 2010
Some of Austin’s curb appeal.
Take a walk through the neighborhoods of Austin and you may find art and inspiration.
At Sara Bareilles’ set at Austin City Limits 2011.
Our Austin City Limits 2012 3-day passes. 🙂

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