Tattoo Tuesday

Hey tattoo lovers, another Tuesday is upon us and so I bring you a new Tattoo Tuesday post. The topic/theme this week is ink on any part of your torso, which can sometimes become a short-sighted and unattractive decision for some people years on down the road (namely women with abdomen tattoos that stretch into an undetermined mass once they become pregnant).

As you all may or may not have noticed, I usually center each Tattoo Tuesday post around a particular body part. Not only does this make organizing each post much easier, but now I can include some interesting research that I found about the relationships between tattoo location and symbolism for men and women.

We know that people get tattoos on many different parts of the body, and tattoos are an exhibition of many different ideals, values and personalities for many different people. This particular research notes that placement choice is very gender specific and plays a role in how the symbolism of a tattoo differs between men and women.

Back tattoos can allude to a person’s “mysterious” qualities or represent a (meaningful) event that the person has put behind them. I personally like upper back (no thanks to lower back ink for me) because it has the largest unobstructed “viewing” surface area (as opposed to having one wrapped around your arms or legs), and because there’s still many placement options. Also, this location can typically be covered. I plan on (someday…) getting a tattoo that covers part of a shoulder blade or between the two.

Because it’s located near the heart, chest tattoos have symbolized affection and love. Since the chest is usually not completely exposed, there is a sense of intimacy with the tattoo and it’s placement here. Men are more likely to get ink here, though the trend seems to be increasing for women as well.

Side, or rib, tattoos are probably my third favorite location (after back and inner arms). I personally like quotes and solo illustrations on the side, but I’ve seen a few very artistic portraits or whole side pieces. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any real research on the meaning of side tattoos.